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Our dedication to our clients, our staff, and the community. Combining tools, knowledge, financing, and understanding markets, we provide our clients with the means to realize their dream of business ownership.

Career Opportunity

Job Title: Branch Manager, All countries.

Job Summary:
Reporting to the General Manager, the successful candidate in this position will be responsible for developing new business relationships within the assigned territory/country. This includes generating new business with new and existing clients; prospecting; making daily calls; executing sales strategies; meeting annual sales targets; and, maintaining updated records on all activities.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
*Develop strategic territory accounts within a pre-defined geographic territory.
*Generate new accounts by identifying new opportunities to introduce products and services.
*Interview and appoint Distributors in his/her territory.
*Conduct thorough needs assessments of prospects and identify opportunities to sell solutions.
*Negotiate pricing and contract terms with clients and finalize contacts.
*Establish and follow up business relationships with existing and new clients.
Knowledge & Skills:
*Sales and key account management skills, with a demonstrated ability to open and close sales.
*Proven track record for meeting and exceeding B2B sales targets.
*High initiative, self-motivated and results-oriented.
*Effective communication and presentation abilities.*
*Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with clients at all levels.
*Highly organized with the ability to prioritize workload and meet tight deadlines.
*Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
English language proficiency. A second language is highly desirable.

Submit your Resume’, CV with a photo, your complete contact information including your Skype or Zoom to: Vartan Vahramian, General Manager

Contact: Vartan Vahramian | 1-661-263-1482 | Email: Vartan at

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