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Complete Factories (Turnkey) From Around the World.

Complete Factories are sold in a Packaged Format reducing the lost time, cost of learning, cost of inexperience, cost of compromised fitting of equipment in production line, and increase in overall profitability of your venture.

A ready to go-Complete Factory is always cheaper than buying pieces to mix and match untested used equipment.

Less problems, tested, ready for production and all equipment in harmony for mass production right away.

These Steps include:

Equipment and machinery are dismantled at the country of origin. All parts are examined, repaired or replaced, lubricated, painted, numbered and packed properly before transit.

The Complete Factory means all the production line equipment including spare parts, repair tools, manuals, formulas, test equipment and packaging.

Sale includes the raw material for a sample production at the destination and enough raw materials to run the factory for a short period of time until the buyer finds a source for raw material. If the buyer would like to buy raw materials through us, we are able to provide such services.

Complete Factory also includes our direct participation by coming to the destination to re-assemble the equipment, test and produce samples of the product. Training the buyer’s personnel, trouble shooting and adjustments to produce the final product are all part of this process.

Contact: Vartan Vahramian | 1-661-263-1482 | Email: Vartan at

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