About Us

Active since 1972 as Tradeway. We have been buying complete used factories from USA and selling them in Africa and the Middle East. We incorporated as Sevouk, Inc. in 2015 as a women-owned and minority owned social enterprise. As a Social Enterprise the profits are re-invested back into creating more products and jobs internationally.

With 32 branches being managed by highly skilled in international trade and finance personnel. Our branch managers sell, provide financing and related services and to help with procuring raw materials and sell the excess production to other countries.

We purchase good quality used factories which are superior to today’s new low-quality factories. All our sales include sending our engineer staff to help re-assembling the factory, teach the technicians and make samples to avoid costly mistakes and losses.

We also finance our buyers overseas with a 5-year loan at 6% interest. In some instances, buyers are able to pay with their finished products in exchange which are sold in another country guaranteeing their long-term success.

We are now manufacture our own Mobile Factories.

Complete Mobile Factories: do not require a building and are easy to transport and operate with no electronics. All factories include wiring to connect electronic monitoring devices.

Our present and future Mobile Factories:

Milk Processing, Water Purification (solar powered), Cheese Factory, Yogurt Factory, Butter Factory and Pyrolysis (garbage recycling into energy).

Let’s build something together.

Contact: Vartan Vahramian | 1-661-263-1482 | Vartan at sevouk.com

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