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Church and Ceremonial ORGANIC Candles

Organic Candles PALM WAX

Our true organic candles.  LET THERE BE LIGHT                          MADE IN ARMENIA

Our candles are made of Palm Wax (no tropical rainforest destroyed by our suppliers).

Certified sustainable, nature preservation, mixed plantation, earth care approach.

No Soy Wax (its GMO, contains pesticide and herbicides)

No child labor, Fair Wages in compliance with International Labor Laws.

Our workforce is veterans and veterans’ widows who own the business.

We are Social Enterprise creating sustainable high paying jobs internationally.

All workers are responsible for customer retention and satisfaction for enduring relationship.

Our on site representative at our suppliers’ location monitoring raw material quality.

We are the manufacturers of church candles worldwide relying on our 1700 plus years of Armenian Apostolic Church for the skill and knowledge of candle making, before Paraffin was invented. We are responsible for user’s health, offering a non toxic product.

We do not use Paraffin (a toxic crude oil derivative). Beeswax (an animal based product with high traces of pesticides and antibiotics, diluted often with fillers such as Kaoline) or synthetic coloring and manufactured scents.

No soot or smoke means it will not tarnish and blacken the walls and valuable artifacts in your church. No toxic gases to breath. Authentic, safe product, reasonably priced, concentrating on long term verifiable and proven product for customer satisfaction.

No such product exists on the market, yet. Check the Internet.


Pure Palm Wax candles, plant extracted coloring, natural Frankincense or Rosemary oils, pure unbleached long filament unbleached cotton wick with no lead content.

Standardized Orthodox Church Candles; 20 cm tall (8”), 8 mm diameter (5/8”), 8 grams weight, burns for about an hour with delightful and bright glow now being used by health conscious churches such as Armenian, Assyrian, Ethiopian, Coptic, Greek, Ukrainian and many other denominations worldwide.

Packaged in recycled plastic boxes which are REUSABLE conforming to international RPC standards.

We have committed to conscious rather than profits.

All our candles are blessed at the source by our Archbishops wishing everyone prosperity, health and happiness.

Either one box, one pallet or one container anywhere in the world.

Price: US$ 0.08 each delivered to your door.

Adjustable Hangers, Clothes hangers

No shoulder bumps


Made of strong and long-lasting Polypropylene.
Holds up to 10 Lbs. (5 kilograms) without distortion or breakage

Perfect to use in hotels, cruise ships, offices, and general public use.
Pilferage replacement guarantee for wholesale purchasers.

Any color combination, with or without your logo. Your desired packaging.
Minimum order one 40 ft. high cube container – 100,000 pieces.
US$ 42,000. CIF – Shipping, and insurance included to any safe port

Each: US$ 0.42 delivered to the port of your choice

Jute Bags/Sacks 

We have 2 factories in Bangladesh making JUTE BAGS. Minimum order 20 ft container min 100,000 pieces. CIF most ports $ 1.69 for this popular size Food Grade B. Twill 44”x26.5″ (110 x 67 cm), weight 2.25 Lbs. (1 Kg.) P&S 6×8 hemmed at mouth, Herakles sewed both sides with VOT Tag, With or without blue strips. Packing 300 bags per bale. 65 bales per 20 ft container. We recommend a 40 ft High Cube to save on shipping costs.

Production average 1,500,000 pcs per month.

Payment: Wire transfer 50% advance and balance 50% when loaded against B/L copy.

Contact with your requirements of quantity, size, print, and delivery schedule.

We also have Jute Fiber of different specifications. Send us your requirements.

Jute fiber is used to make paper bags. Also cotton fiber.

Contact: Vartan Vahramian | 1-661-263-1482 | Vartan at

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