Container Load

Church Candles US $80,000

Dimension: 8 mm x 200 mm (5/8″ by 10″) made of best quality P2 food grade paraffin & beeswax, clean burning with no soot or toxic fumes.
Frankincense aromatic, true beeswax color, clean burning with distinct glow.
Made in Artsakh, Armenia
Wholesale orders: 20 ft dry container, 1 Million candles per shipment of 1,000 plywood boxes 1,000 candles in each box
Delivered CIF – Shipping and insurance included to any safe port
Each: US$ 0.08 delivered to your port. US $80,000.

Coat Hangers US $32,000

Made of strong and long lasting Polypropylene.
Holds up to 10 Lbs. (5 kilograms) without distortion or breakage

Perfect to use in hotels, cruise ships, offices and general public use.
Pilferage replacement guarantee for wholesale purchasers.

Any color combination, with or without your logo.
Minimum order one 40 ft. high cube container – 100,000 pieces.
US$ 32,000. CIF – Shipping and insurance included to any safe port

Each: US$ 0.32 delivered to port of your choice

Polyproplyene Sacks 

Made in Armenia. We are the manufacturer. Member of European Union and to USA standards. Made from virgin polypropylene, not a recycled material.

Different weaves for different produces (breathable, also plastic liner for sugar, flour) let us know the produce you want to ship and the size of the sack. Acceptable in all 193 countries as a viable and safe packaging for raw food transportation. Any size the customer wants:

Printing: Any color stripes for warehouse identification. For large orders, we will print customer’s name, logo, SKU, UPC code free of charge. We will send samples (send me the receiving address) or a test shipment of one container. 

Ordering is 50% deposit and 50% when loaded prior to shipment.

Minimum order one 20 ft dry container 100,000 pieces.

Price range depending on size or weave US$ 0.68 to $ 1.27 each CIF most major ports.

This replaces Jute since jute maintains moisture in a closed container under the hot sun in transport for months causing damage to the contents. Now is the season, we are working 24/7 to fulfill orders, so if you are interested, you must place your order now to make it by harvest season.

Our bags reduce the dead weight of jute sack by more than half, so you are shipping more merchandise and saving on shipping costs.

There are different weaves for different produce to be secure and handle the contents without damage.

This does not change the price higher, it may be lower, but you will have the exact packaging for your produce without compromise or worries.

Jute Bags/Sacks 

We have 2 factories in Bangladesh making JUTE BAGS. Minimum order 20 ft container min 100,000 pieces. CIF most ports $ 1.69 for this popular size Food Grade B. Twill 44”x26.5″ (110 x 67 cm), weight 2.25 Lbs. (1 Kg.) P&S 6×8, hemmed at mouth, Herakles sewn both sides with VOT Tag, With or without blue strips. Packing 300 bags per bale. 65 bales per 20 ft container. We recommend 40 ft High Cube to save on shipping costs.

New order shipments start September 2021. Production average 1,500,000 pcs per month.

Payment: Wire transfer 50% advance and balance 50% when loaded against B/L copy.

Contact with your requirements of quantity, size, print and delivery schedule.

We also have Jute Fiber of different specifications. Send us your requirements.

Medical Syringes 

We are the manufacturers of medical syringes in Armenia. FDA 510K, EC & ISO. Wanted territory distributor. Minimum 1 Million in one 40 ft HQ container. Send your full name, address, sizes & quantity.

Best quality at the lowest prices for immediate delivery

Clay Pottery/Ceramics

Made in Armenia, hand crafted. We can make exactly what you need to be compatible to your market taste and demand while the costs are competitive to generate your expected profits.

All you need to do is to send us photos or a basic hand drawn pencil picture of what you need.

We will make a free sample and send it to you for your review and approval.

These are workshops which make handmade pottery like coffee cups and other items for each taste.

We can have your logo underneath the item so to promote your brand.

Prices are competitive to mass-produced machine-made imported a standardized design which compels your customers to accept a foreign design and culture rather than your local culture.

We use Food Safe Glaze (inside coating) imported from Holland

Any color or design you prefer.

All made exclusively for you and such items will not be sold to any other customer anywhere else.

Such approach creates customer loyalty since yours are unique and applicable to your general market taste.

Average price ranges from US$ 0.58 to maximum $ 2.50 each CIF to your port.

To be competitive, we suggest a 20 ft container load since shipping costs recently have increased considerably.

Contact: Vartan Vahramian | 1-661-263-1482 | Vartan at

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