Import/Export Services

Candles US $80,000

Dimension: 8 mm x 200 mm (5/8″ by 10″) made of best quality P2 food grade paraffin & beeswax, clean burning with no soot or toxic fumes.
Frankincense aromatic, true beeswax color, clean burning with distinct glow.
Made in Artsakh, Armenia
Wholesale orders: 20 ft dry container, 1 Million candles per shipment of 1,000 plywood boxes 1,000 candles/box
Delivered CIF : Shipping and insurance included to any safe port
Each: US$ 0.08 delivered to your port. US $80,000.

Coat Hangers US $32,000

Made of strong and long lasting Polypropylene.
Holds up to 10 Lbs. (5 kilograms) without distortion or breakage
Perfect to use in hotels, cruise ships, offices and general public use.
Pilferage replacement guarantee for wholesale purchasers.
Any color combination, with or without your logo.
Minimum order one 40 ft. high cube container – 100,000 pieces.
US $32,000. CIF – Shipping and insurance included to any safe port Each: US$ 0.32 delivered to port of your choice

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